About Us

Our History


A family tradition since 1920.

Mark Hooper and Roger Phinnemore are cousins. They come from a long line of painters, but they never thought that they would be carrying on the family tradition. The Phinnemore’s have been in the painting business since the 1880’s when James Phinnemore and his sons Roy and Herb began painting residences and businesses in Toronto.  Mark and Roger’s Great Grandfather Herb began his own company, focusing on residential painting, in 1920.  H.H Phinnemore and sons became a prosperous business and soon Herb’s sons, Vic, Herb and Roger joined in the venture, followed by their sons.  In the 1980’s Mark and Roger started painting as teenagers working for their Grandfather Herb, Uncles Roger and Steve Phinnemore and learning the business.  Through high school, and later university they painted in the summer to pay for school.  Eventually, what began as a great summer job or a skill to fall back on, turned into their livelihood.  Mark and Roger began Phinnemore and Hooper Painting in 2003. Since then their business has been steadily growing, serving Whitby, Ajax, Pickering, and Scarborough areas.  They love to see the results of a beautiful paint job. There is nothing like seeing the satisfaction of a customer when they come home to their house exactly how they left it, only it’s a different colour!  They strive, just like those that went before them to give their customers the best paint job possible with the least amount of worry.  I guess painting is in the blood after all.

At Phinnemore & Hooper we work by a set of values that are incorporated throughout our business including:

Quality Workmanship

We do not cut corners. We prepare surfaces properly prior to painting.  We repair walls, fill screw pops,  holes and imperfections.  We caulk cracks in trim. For exterior jobs, surfaces are scraped and sanded.  We use only premium quality paints and primers.


We take pride in our work and in the satisfaction of a job well done.


We do what we say. You can count on us to arrive when we say we will, to complete a job in a timely fashion in consecutive days, and maintain a high quality of work. Our quote is firm and will not change unless the scope of work is changed.


When we take on a job it becomes “our” job.  We are responsible for ensuring our customers satisfaction. If something goes wrong we take responsibility.  We carry a five million dollar liability insurance policy to back up our claim.

Customer Satisfaction

We work with our customers in order to minimize the disruption which is inevitable in painting.  We work in an orderly fashion arranging with our customers which areas we will be painting and when.


We cover all furniture and floors with drop cloths. We limit dust by sealing off working areas during sanding.  We clean up the job site when we are finished for the day and when the job is finished.  This includes vacuuming, sweeping, and replacing any furniture we have moved.


Success is defined by us as a satisfied customer. We want the customer not only to receive a great paint job, but to feel like they had a pleasant service experience overall as well.