1. What are the times of your typical work day?

    We usually work between 8am and 4:30pm, Monday to Friday. Changes to this standard are always done in consultation with our customers.

  2. How can I prepare before you come to paint my house?

    The most important thing we need from you is your paint colours. Having them ahead of time really helps us to get the job done on time and in the most organised fashion.

    We will move any large furniture; all we ask is that you remove personal items, empty china cabinets, and other breakables.

  3. How do you protect my valuables and my house while you are working?

    We always use drop sheets, and plastic to cover areas where we are working. We cover all furniture with plastic and floors with cloth drop sheets. Doorways are covered to minimise the spread of dust throughout the house. When painting your exterior we cover plants and bushes, patio furniture and decks, your driveway and roof. In the unlikely event, something is damaged, we will first tell you that it happened, and then discuss with you how to best compensate you for the damage. We carry over $1 million in liability insurance to cover all costs, although thankfully we have never had to use it.

  4. What kind of preparation do you do before painting?

    Interior Projects:

    On interior paint projects we scour walls and ceilings for nail pops, pin holes from pictures, places where any corner bead has come loose, and any other wall damage and fill them with plaster. These repairs are then sanded smooth. We check all trim for cracks and fill them with caulking.

    Exterior Projects:
    On exterior projects we begin by scraping and sanding and areas where loose or peeling paint exists. We then remove dust and debris from this process. Next we fill all cracks in windows and siding, paying special attention to areas where water and moisture can penetrate.

    Larger holes are repaired with Bondo (car body filler). We have found this filler effective because it is rock hard, resists moisture, and adheres well to almost any existing surface.

  5. Do you always use a primer?

    We use primers when they are necessary.

    Interior Projects:
    For most interior areas that have already been painted a primer is not necessary. Walls that have been heavily damaged by moisture, smoke or wallpaper removal need a primer. When there are only small areas of damage (e.g. Permanent marker or crayon), we may spot prime and then paint. For new walls we use a drywall primer before covering with two full coats.

    Exterior Projects:
    Many of the paints and stains we use on exterior painting are self-priming. This means you do not need a separate primer. If a special stain blocking primer or the finish paint chosen requires a primer we always use one. The right primer is very important to prevent failure of the paint in exterior applications.

  6. How many coats of paint do you apply?

    We typically apply two coats of paint. We find that for most applications 2 coats will cover over the existing colour uniformally and also give the desired finish that the product advertises. Some deep colours and some very light colours require 3 coats or more. This will be reflected in our job quotation and will be discussed with you.

  7. What brand of paint do you use?

    For most of our painting projects we use Benjamin Moore. We use Benjamin Moore because it is a brand in the painting world that is recognised for its quality products, and great colours. We also enjoy working with their products and know we can rely on their consistency of performance. We also use Sherwin Williams paints, mainly for trim. Their trim paint applies well and has a very elegant finish. Of course,if you insist on another brand that you have found effective we will accommodate. Most paint stores can now match paint colours between brands quite effectively. We always use a brands top line of paint, unless requested by the customer.

  8. What about clean up?

    Our goal is always to leave you with the least amount of work possible when we are finished for the day or at the end of the project. When we are finished for the day we tidy up where we are working and sweep and vacuum any areas that are complete. We replace furniture and window coverings that we have moved, and reinstall all outlet and switch covers that we have removed to paint. If you have been away for the duration of the work you should see no signs of us being there accept that your house has been painted.

  9. What are your payment requirements?

    We accept cheque or cash payments.

    We require payment on completion of the project, and when you are satisfied with the work that has been performed. If you notice anything that is not to your liking, after you have made payment, please do not hesitate to call us. We want you to have the best experience possible, having chosen us to paint your home.